Huntington Fire Prevention Parade

Monday, October 9, 2023

Lineup - 5:45 @ Greyhound Bus Station
                                4th Ave & 13th St.

We will meet at the bus station and take attendance. Once everyone is accounted for, we will make our way to where our trailer is in the lineup. If something happens that your family cannot make it to the parade, PLEASE message us so we can make note of that in our roll call.

There will be no parking permitted on 4th Ave between 7th St & Hal Greer Blvd, so plan your parking spot accordingly. If I remember correctly, police escorts directed participants toward the civic center in years past, however there has been no mention of that in their announcements. I will continue to watch for any information from them on a definite spot to meet up at the end of the parade.

The theme for this year's parade is : "Cooking safety starts with YOU.  Pay attention to fire prevention." We need a parent to take the lead in organizing the decoration for this - someone that can come up with a list of things we could use and communicate that with parents that are willing to help set it up.

Candy cannot be thrown in this parade, but parents that are walking with us are permitted to hand it out as we walk through if we choose to do so. I am totally OK with foregoing the candy for this parade since we will be purchasing candy for other parades.

While parents are decorating the trailer, the girls will be stretching, warming up, and running through their parade routine. Parade lineup is listed with initials only for safety.  Hopefully having the lineup in advance will help you to determine which side of the road for family to stand on to see your daughter!  Trailer will be in front, so the bottom of the drawing is the front of the lineup.

Please bring your daughter dressed in black pants or leggings, her maroon Heartwork shirt, and clean tennis shoes. Her hair can be fixed however you like with her hairbow as long as its not left all down (half-up, ponytail, braid, etc. are all ok). Tasteful makeup is also great!  It is usually pretty dark out at this parade, so you might choose to go a little darker on the lip color, use a little glitter on the cheeks, or other things that might show up better!

If you have any questions, please let us know!