Our primary goal for Heartwork is to teach girls dance skills, teamwork, and a love for the Lord, while keeping our program affordable for families.

We keep our routines honorable to God, dance to music that is pleasing to the Lord, and choose modest costumes that are most often reusable as church outfits. Our classes are free, as we are a ministry, not a dance studio. We hope to give girls an opportunity to do what they love for the glory of God!


Taught by Ashleigh Bell

We currently offer ballet classes at beginner and intermediate levels. Students are placed in the class that best fits their skill level.

Skills covered are:
· warming up
· cooling down
· nutrition
· hydration
· posture
· alignment
· balance
· coordination
· control
· flexibility
· mobility
· strength
· stamina
· extension
· isolation
· action content (travel, turn, elevation, gesture, stillness,  use of different body parts,  floor work, transfer of weight)
· dynamic content (fast/slow, sudden/sustained, acceleration/deceleration, strong/light, direct/indirect, flowing/abrupt)
· spatial content (pathways, levels, directions, size of movement, patterns, spatial design)
· relationship content  - for duet and trio performance  (lead & follow, mirroring, action & reaction, accumulation, complement & contrast, counterpoint,
  contact, formations)
· timing content
· rhythmic content
· movement in a stylistically acurate way
· projection
· focus
· spatial awareness
· facial expression
· phrasing
· mood & atmosphere
· contrast & variety
· structure
· relationship to theme/idea

Hip Hop

Taught by Jennifer Oesterreicher


Taught by Ashly McClave

Basic skills covered are:
· leaps
· turns
· flexibility
· kicks
· balance


Taught by Mindi Spurgeon and Jenni Salmons

We currently offer beginner and intermediate level twirl classes. Students are placed in the class that best fits their skill level.

Basic skills covered are:
· posture
· rhythm
· flats
· double flats
· flat tosses
· figure-8s
· two-hand front spins
· flourishes
· thumb tosses
· finger twirls
· wrist rolls
· marching
· showmanship