Barboursville Fall Fest Parade

Thursday, September 28, 2023

Lineup - 5:00
    Twirl girls @ Middle School (see below)
    Girls Riding @ amphitheater

Please note that the parade route and lineup location has changed!
There are MORE changes made to the lineup plan as of Tuesday, 9/26/23
Girls and moms decorating and riding the float will need to meet at the amphitheater at 5:00. A parade mom will take attendance there for all girls designated to be riding. If something happens that your family cannot make it to the parade, PLEASE message us so we can make note of that in our roll call. 

All twirl girls and any parents walking will need to be dropped off in front of Barboursville Middle School and meet at the pine tree marked in the picture below at 5:00. Trainers will be here with the girls, and we will take attendance for all girls that are to be marching. This area is strictly for drop off only. No cars will be permitted to park here because of the large number of people that will be meeting. 

I was also warned by the parade director that the traffic becomes extremely heavy, so I urge you to not be late for drop off! We are meeting 15 minutes prior to the actual lineup time, so I am hoping we will be spared the traffic headache, lol.  Once everyone is accounted for, we will run through our routines to warm up and wait for the call that our trailer has made it's way down to the bus barn. When we get the call, we will quickly walk to the bus barn and jump in line behind our trailer.  

Here is the updated parade route:

Parents can start decorating the trailer as soon as John arrives. Our trailer theme is: Luke 12:34 "For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also."

We will decorate the trailer with gold, jewels, etc. If you have any of these supplies on hand, or if you're willing to hit up the party section and bring a few things that would be so great! If we all pitch in a little, I think we can make it amazing! I think I have a giant fishnet up in the VBS room that we could use if we need it. I'll go up there and scrounge up whatever I can find that might go well. I also ordered gold coin party favors that have bible verses on them to throw along with candy. Candy donations will also be greatly appreciated!

While parents are decorating the trailer, the girls will be stretching, warming up, and running through their parade routine. Parade lineup is listed with initials only for safetyHopefully having the lineup in advance will help you to determine which side of the road for family to stand on to see your daughter!  Trailer will be in front, so the bottom of the drawing is the front of the lineup.

Please bring your daughter dressed in black pants or leggings, her maroon Heartwork shirt, and clean tennis shoes. Her hair can be fixed however you like with her hairbow as long as its not left all down (half-up, ponytail, braid, etc. are all ok). Tasteful makeup is also great!

If you have any questions, please let us know!